Ultimate Beauty & Protection

CQuartz Professional is an extremely durable, high gloss Nano ceramic coating, providing years of protection to your vehicle paint. CQuartz Pro is the latest ceramic coating from CarPro, the leader in nanotechnology based car care products. Their latest formula is infused with an advanced fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 (quartz), that comes with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine, rich gloss and a diamond hard protection to the paint, which lasts for years.

CQuartz Pro Nano ceramic coat is weather resistant & anti-static thus giving greater protection to the paint while changing the surface on a molecular level. After application the surface gets a clear reflective look repelling all contaminants & water to create a super hydrophobic effect. Our CQuartz Pro Nano ceramic coat is guaranteed to last for 2 years or even more when properly maintained.

CQuartz Pro Nano ceramic coat is combined with a multi step process that includes:


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CQuartz Pro Nano ceramic coat is your vehicle’s all-round shield and dependable protection from harmful UV rays, dirt, grime, brake dust, bird dropping, tree sap and most other environmental contaminants. It’s so easy to clean and maintain resulting in a spotless, glossy and new looking car everyday!

A beauty you can be proud of!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CQuartz Pro Ceramic Coating?

CQuartz Pro Ceramic Coating is the latest & the most advanced Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating. It is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) material in liquid form. When applied on the surface, it bonds like a glass layer with the surface & cannot be removed by regular washing. The gloss & protection is no match to any of the other coating. It lasts for years if maintained properly.

Ceramic Coating by Other Services Providers offer more benefits than yours, like lifetime warranties?

Having been in the car detailing industry for over 30 years and specializing in aftermarket paint protection products and systems, we are still to come across any real world ceramic coating that lasts a lifetime even with 9 or 10 layers of coating.  As a responsible Car Detailer, we will only commit to what is practically viable without exaggerating facts. Our Ceramic Coating experts will clarify all your queries in this regard & help you make well-informed decisions.

Can CQuartz Pro be applied on the glass?

Yes, except the windshield. On the windshield, we apply FlybBy30, a specially formulated windshield coating that protects from weather & contaminants.

Are the tires & wheels also coated?    

Yes, the wheels too will be coated with CQuartz Pro while a durable satin finish dressing is applied on the tires.

After CQuartz application how long do I wait before my car can get wet?

24 hours after your vehicle is coated, it can be exposed to water. If wet before that time, water should be blown off or safely wiped off before it dries on the surface.

How long should I wait before washing my car with shampoo?

You should wait a minimum of 7 days before washing the vehicle with shampoo.

Should I let the dealership or car wash centers wash my car after coating application?

Never allow a car dealership or any unprofessional car wash center to wash your vehicle. They do not understand how to, nor do they have the time or equipment to do so without introducing swirls into the perfect finish.

Will CQuartz Pro prevent stone chips?

No, no coating can prevent rock chips; however, it will protect the paint from road rash caused by tiny sand fragments at high speed. Our Clear Gard PPF withstands stone chips & abrasions and is recommended to be installed with CQuartz application over the film.

Does CQuartz Pro prevent swirls?

CQuatrtz Pro does resist swirls from washing better than any other product in the market. No ceramic coating will prevent swirls 100%, but with proper care and maintenance technique, you can drastically reduce them.

How long will it realistically last after the 2 years?

This would depend on how well you take care & maintain the vehicle paint.

What is the best possible way to care for my perfected and enhanced vehicle protected with CQuartz Pro?

We are ready to maintain your vehicle after coating application, or we will provide you tips and training on how to safely and properly wash a vehicle. Please visit www.carproforum.com for further support and ‘how to do’ videos.

Can I polish my car after coating application?

No, you should not polish or wax your vehicle. Now that it is coated, regular washing will remove contaminants easily and bonded contaminants will become rare. If bonded contaminants do collect, proper washing will easily dissolve them without hurting the coating.

I enjoy waxing my car periodically. Is there something else I can apply?

Yes, we highly recommend CarPro Reload. Reload is an inorganic quartz sealant with SiO2 in a water-based formula. Reload adds slickness and gloss to your paint and can be utilized to maintain peak showroom shine and slickness.

Will the sun have any effect on my vehicle after the coating is done?

Driving or parking in the sun has only positive effects on your coating, helping it to fully cure even faster from the heat.

Water repellency has lessened overtime. Is something wrong?

Over time, contaminants can build and affect the coating. The good news is that a simple treatment of Iron X will dissolve the contaminants. A spray-on/wipe-off CarPro Reload treatment will revitalize and return the upper hydrophobic layer to its former glory. Reload is water-based but also contains SiO2 to easily repair the coating if needed.

Does my car get shinier after CQuartz Pro?

Yes, during the paint restoration stage in the application process, we will polish your vehicle using specific combinations of pads and polishes to create a beautiful shine. After this step, we will apply two coats of CQ Pro, which will improve the gloss even beyond the level we achieve through regular polishing! If its properly cared for, this gloss will last well over two years.

What should I not do immediately after the CQuartz Pro coating?

During the 7-day curing process, you should avoid:

  • Parking under trees, especially if there are sheddings. You certainly wouldn’t want tree sap on a fresh coating.
  • Bird droppings, tree sap, or pollen to sit on the car and bake in the sun.
  • Washing the vehicle.