KleenPark Exterior Detailing is an advanced multi-stage paint rejuvenation system that gives your car paint a brilliant shine and durable protection. A team of passionate detailers, professionally trained in paint restoration technology, carries out this complex and skillful operation. We use all industry certified buffing tools, internationally acclaimed paint levelers, and protective coatings in our detailing services. KleenPark exclusively uses the detailing products manufactured by world-renowned CarPro Global, regarded as the industry leader in car appearance products and CQuartz nano-ceramic coatings.

Our multi-stage paint correction process starts by compounding & machine polishing, carefully removing all swirls, most of the deep scratches and defects from the paint, followed by a secondary polishing stage to refine the finish and restore the gloss and clarity to the surface. Once the surface is restored, a durable protective coating – CQuartz Lite nano-ceramic coating is applied to protect the surface from dirt, tree sap, bird dropping and other road hazards. Cquartz Lite ceramic coat is guaranteed to last 6 -12 months, unlike the waxes & paint sealant that last just weeks or maybe a month. The above shown before & after photos show the significant transformation of the process.

The level of surface restoration, working time (typically one to two working days), and the pricing factor will vary given the chosen paint types, condition and size of vehicle. The type of paint and condition of the vehicle will also dictate the success level of correction, but typically this process can get rid of 80-95% of all defects. We also offer customized solutions with a workable pricing structure based on the vehicle’s paint requirement, condition of the vehicle and the customer’s budget.

At the end of the Exterior Detail process, what comes out is a cleaner & glossier car turning all heads in the direction of your beauty on wheels.

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