Interior Sanitizing System

Germ Gard is a comprehensive sanitizing system that effectively removes 99.9% of harmful germs from your vehicle interior keeping you and your family safe from most of the disease causing viruses & bacteria.

Germ Gard is not just a spray & wipe procedure but a professionally done decontaminating & sanitizing system. Germ Gard sanitizing system thoroughly cleans, decontaminates, and disinfects the entire interior cabin of the vehicle. The process involves cleaning and decontaminating of leather & fabric seats, carpets, headliner, door panels, dash, and most importantly all high-touch points using vapor, steam and spray extraction devices. 

In the final process, we treat the whole interior surface with So2Pure active air purification coating. So2Pure from CarPro Global is the latest innovation in air purification technology and is an advanced air purification coating based on the latest Tio2 nano technology, which quickly destroys all micro-sized air pollutants that previously existed or lands on it after application.  

It includes neutralization of disease causing germs, odor and volatile organic compounds from the vehicle interior.  So2Pure active disinfectant coating is non-toxic, colorless, odorless and safe for the whole family.

Delivering Protection, Wellbeing and Peace of mind.

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