A Clearer View for a Safer Drive 

It is crucial to maintain the vehicle glasses especially the windshields against the formation of haze, acid rain marks, and scratches that could obstruct your clear vision impacting safe driving specially in wet weather conditions.  KleenPark glass polishing system is capable of restoring even the moon-roof and side window glasses to bring back its original surface clarity.

KleenPark glass polishing system is a three-step process that combines decontamination, polishing & protection. The decontaminating process thoroughly cleans removing oil, grease, bugs, tree sap and other minor impurities. At the polishing stage all minor scratches – mostly created by wipers, haze, oily film, acid rain spots and various other scaly stains will be removed bringing back clarity to the glass surface.  In the final process, FlyBy30 – a world-class protective Nano coating is installed on the glass surface for maximum water & dirt repellency.  This will ensure maximum visibility during both day & night especially in rainy weather conditions, thus giving you a safer & comfortable drive with a clearer view. 

Check the FlyBy30 glass coating benefits: 

  • Perfect clarity: No haze, smears, or stains.
  • Provides safe and high visibility driving in poor weather conditions.
  • High water drop contact angle (112 deg.) & low sliding angle (15 deg.) improves repellency.
  • Water repellency on windshields will last approximately 4~5 months.  Beyond that raindrops will continue to repel but at higher speeds.
  • FlyBy30 repels water drops starting at 30 to 40 mph, and allows you to have a clear vision with safe driving. (Speed will vary based on windshield angle, average tested on 45 deg. angle.)

Clear Visibility, it’s a must; don’t ever take a chance!

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