Experience a Star Class Interior!

KleenPark Interior Detailing is a process of decontaminating, cleaning, sanitizing, and rejuvenating the entire vehicle interior to make it look, smell, and feel brand new. The Interior Detailing process consists of cleaning all the surfaces in the cabin, including the seats, carpets, dash, vents, upholsteries, boot compartment, and all hard to reach areas such as door jambs and switches and other nooks & corners that are often overlooked.

Our interior detailing is a very intricate & time-consuming process handled by a team of professional detailers, specially trained in the careful handling of modern-day vehicle interiors, which come with high-tech electronics.

KleenPark Interior Detail differs from an average car clean process because of the stages of involvement, the time spent, the tools, cleaning & care agents used and most importantly, the quality of results achieved by the end of the process. We utilize commercial grade vapor steamers, shampoo spray extractors, cleaning and protective agents and fragrances recommended to treat leather, fabric, vinyl, and plastic surfaces.

KleenPark interior detail is combined with a host of interior value additions such as Leather Coat, Leather Condition & re-coloring, Fabric Gard, Odor removing and sanitizing services.

Your vehicle interior will be so great; you wish you could remain inside for longer!


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Protect your vehicle interior just like you would protect its exterior!

CQuartz Leather Coating is the ultimate in protection for leather surfaces found inside your entire vehicle!

CQuartz Leather coating offers a beautiful “better than new” finish with no added gloss! It was designed to provide an excellent combination of soft to the touch tactile feel, extreme protection and unbelievable durability for more than a year. CQUARTZ Leather coat was specifically developed to resist stains, dirt, jeans-dye transfer and damage caused by UV rays.

CQuartz Leather coating has been tested against a variety of chemicals and conditions including mud, grease, dye transfer, crayons, and even super glue and has been proven to resist stains better than any traditional leather protective product. With CQuartz leather treatment, maintaining your leather surfaces becomes as simple as wiping it with a damp towel and walking away!

CQuartz Leather coating benefits:

  • Durability: 1 to 2 years
  • Resists dye transfer
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic
  • Stain-resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • “Easy clean” affect
  • Preserves color and resists fading
Fabric Gard
Easy to Clean Stains and Spills

Our special fabric guard is an application CQUARTZ FABRIC, a super hydrophobic transparent nano-coating that adds an invisible protective cover to prevent any stains and liquid spills from penetrating into the seats & upholstery fabric, leaving the surface easy to wipe and clean.

  • Preserves the color and fabric
  • Makes fabric care child’s play
  • Water, Oil, and Soil repellent
  • Breathable

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