Preventive Maintenance

Your vehicle is certainly one of your most important assets and of course a prized possession. Keeping this in mind we have gone that extra mile in providing a unique service that entails preventive maintenance, which helps avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs to your car. 

Our preventive services include quick lube, oil & filter change, services of brakes, tires, transmission, rust preventive under-seal, and much more. 

Whether your vehicle needs factory-recommended periodical maintenance or just a quick health check, our expert lube technicians will attend to it through a 100 points visual inspection that keeps your vehicle’s condition in top shape.   

 Preventive Maintenance – A Proactive approach to safe and trouble free driving!

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Rustproof your vehicle with Tuff Kote Underseal

Tuff Kote rustproofing system produced by DINOL- AB of Sweden will guard the body and the underside of your vehicle from rust and corrosion.

Rust and corrosion is a big concern as it affects the reliability of the vehicle. Rust can cause parts to snap off or crack bearing heavily on the safety and well being of those travelling in your vehicle and others too.

Tuff Kote not only prevents rust and corrosion but also acts as a sound barrier that reduces vibration and wheel noise from entering the vehicle cabin. 

Make Rust Prevention a top priority!

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