Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

Your car is probably the largest investment after your home. Therefore it is of paramount importance to secure the value of your precious investment by protecting its paint from damages caused by stone chips, scratches, swirl marks, acid rain spots, and other daily road hazards. Paint Protection Film is a wise choice that ensures your car stays in pristine condition, making it look as good as new.

What is NDFOS Paint Protection Film?

NDFOS Paint Protection Film is a tuff transparent Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) film with incredible protection capabilities against surface damages such as scratches, abrasions, scuffing and the likes.        

The best thing about NDFOS is that it is entirely invisible and installing it on your vehicle is like giving it hidden superpowers.

This superior paint protection film keeps your car looking brand new by maintaining its high-gloss appearance.

PPF layers
NDFOS PPF Saves Money

Constantly repairing scratches, rust, and paint chips on your car will incur expensive body shop repairs and vehicle downtime. Be proactive and install paint protection film to prevent these damages even before it happens thus saving time and money. Indeed, installing PPF will be your wisest investment bringing ROI with rich dividends.

NDFOS Paint Protection Film is Easy to Remove

Paint protection film can be easily removed from the original factory paint surfaces if you ever think of removing it within the warranty period. A professional PPF installer will remove the film without harming the factory paint, making your car looks as good as the original, before the film was applied.


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NDFOS PPF is Self Healing 

Our PPF comes with a scratch resistant topcoat that has incredible self-healing abilities and can wipe away almost all minor scratches and swirls while small scuffs will disappear instantly.

Unmatched Warranty   

All three types of Paint Protection Film carry a five-year conditional warranty that will be followed up by a periodical inspection program at no extra cost.

Choice of Surface Shades

In addition to NDFOS gloss finish film, you can select two surface shades according to your personal choice. Satin Gard and Diamond Black paint protection films have the same incredible features and benefits as NDFOS paint protection film with the difference being the surface finishes of matte and glossy diamond black. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paint Protection Film or PPF?

Paint Protection Film is a tuff transparent urethane material installed on top of the existing factory paint of your vehicle to protect it.  Our Clear Gard PPF reduces staining, offering superior environmental resistance and gloss retention becoming an invisible barrier to preserve your original vehicle paint for years to come.  The film’s topcoat has special elastomeric polymers that allow scratches on the surface to self-heal eliminating the need for regular polishing to maintain a glossy appearance.

In short, automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of multiple damages, such as:

  • Chips and light scratches caused by road debris and minor accidents
  • Swirl marks created during regular washing
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  • Hard water or acid rain spots from mineral deposits
  • Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

PPF film is installed mostly to the entire vehicle known as Full Wrap. Still, we can also use it only on the most vulnerable areas prone to get damaged or any other painted or chrome surface that needs to be significantly protected.

Is it worth having PPF installed on my vehicle?

If you want to preserve the look and retain the value of your vehicle at it’s highest possible level, paint protection film is definitely the answer. This is good news for aesthetic reasons while preserving your vehicle’s value by keeping it looking new. If the PPF remains undamaged, the paint beneath will look good as new if you ever decide to remove the film within the warranted period. PPF is transparent and almost undetectable with self-healing properties to keep swirls & minor scratches away from the painted surface. Our PPF carries a 7-year warranty.

What areas of the vehicle does PPF protect?

We can install the film on any exterior painted area of the vehicle. The most popular package that we offer is Full Wrap, protecting the entire exterior of the car. We offer customized partial wrapping too that protect bumpers, engine hoods, fenders, door edges, mirror caps, headlamps, or any other area you specify.

Can your Paint Protection Film be used on headlights?

Yes, it minimizes the risk of damaging the lamp lens from stone chips and accidental scratches. The yellowing of the lamp lens is significantly reduced due to the film’s UV resistant properties.

Can I remove the PPF, and should I worry about the paint being damaged?

No, most factory paint jobs are properly cured and extremely rare to have any paint damage issues when removing the film within the warranty period. However, we do not recommend installing PPF on aftermarket paint finishes unless the paint is well cured in a professional body shop.

Does Paint Protection Film resist yellowing?

Our PPF reduces yellowing due to it’s resistance to UV rays.

Can ceramic coating be applied over Paint Protection Film?

Yes, we would only recommend using a PPF friendly ceramic coating. All our PPF jobs carry the world-renowned CQuartz nano-ceramic coating that enhances the film’s original gloss and hydrophobic properties. PPF should never be polished or waxed after installation.

What is the cost for Paint Protection Film installation?

The price for PPF installation varies depending on the expanse of coverage, size, and vehicle complexity. Our basic PPF installation cost starts from Rs.1000.00 for partial wrap covering the most vulnerable areas such as bumpers, engine hoods, valance boards, fenders, door edges, mirror caps and other critical areas as per your need. A Full Wrap will cost you between Rs.250,000.00 & Rs.500,000.00 depending the size and complexity of the vehicle. Full Wrap provides the complete protection option covering the entire vehicle body preserving your investment’s look and value from daily road hazards as described above. Our service advisers will inspect your vehicle and discuss with you to offer the best solution for your specific needs.

How long does it take to install PPF on my vehicle?

Depending on the amount of coverage, installation may take from 1 to 4 days. This includes a 12-hour in-shop curing period.

Can I purchase your PPF material?

Yes, please contact us or visit our online store for your purchase requirements.

How to take care of PPF?

Maintenance of PPF wrapped vehicle is similar to paint maintenance, only without polishing or waxing. You can wash PPF using a good car washing shampoo during regular car washing. We will give you a descriptive leaflet with after-care tips once the installation is done. Our expert team of Service Advisors will readily answer any further questions.