NDFOS automotive tint is a Nano-ceramic solar control window film that significantly reduces heat and UV rays entering the vehicle’s interior. It helps to keep the cabin cooler, offering a comfortable ride to the passengers. NDFOS solar tint is manufactured using advanced Nano-ceramic technology and sourced from industry-leading brands reputed for quality window films.

We dress your car windows with NDFOS tint to give it that smarter look while protecting it from the sun’s scorching heat and harmful UV rays, thereby giving you and your family a safer, enjoyable and a more comfortable ride. NDFOS window film will certainly make the vehicle look elegant and stand out from the rest.

Our three-decades of experience in the window film industry speaks volumes for our product’s quality and trusted durability. NDFOS tint will genuinely transform your car into an elegant masterpiece by way of a flawless installation handled by our team of expert installers. 

Here are the key benefits of NDFOS window film 

  • Over 78% heat rejection offering a more comfortable ride   
  • Increases A/C efficiency by keeping the cabin more cooler
  • Rejects 99% UV rays and helps reduce skin-related diseases.
  • Adds privacy to passengers and their belongings  
  • Helps reduce fading and cracking of upholstery
  • Adds elegance to the vehicle’s appearance 
  • A wide variety of shades – from light to dark in different Visible Light Transmission levels
  • Increases occupants’ safety by added shatter resistance to the windows, in case of accidents or forcible break-ins  
  • Scratch-resistant coat reducing swirl marks and minor scratches  
  • No interference with mobile phone signals or other radio frequency technology used inside the vehicle. 
  • Special ‘Cool & Clear’ film for Windshields
  • Fifteen-year limited warranty* against color fading, bubbling or peeling 

For your complete satisfaction and ease of mind NDFOS is backed by a fifteen-year limited warranty* against fading, peeling, bubbling and other performances. 

We know how important your car is to you. You want your pride & joy to look the best it can be for years to come – yes, with NDFOS Tint’s promise of high quality and durability, it will not last just years but probably even more.

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For your requirement of commercial and residential window film, please refer our subsidiary company


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for installing window films?

It start from Rs. 25000/= for a small sized sedan on four door windows with rear windshield. This price will vary on the size of the vehicle and the area of coverage. We will asses the vehicle and provide you a detail price quote as per your specific need.

You have window films made for front windshields?

Yes, we have special transparent films for front windshields that reduce solar heat by 60% and reject 99%% of UV rays while maintaining a clear visibility of the road ahead.

How long does it take to have tint installed on my vehicle?

The installation process generally takes 2-8 hours depending on the vehicle’s size, complexity, cleanliness, and the number of windows. If the windows has an old tint we have to remove the film and the residues before installing the new tint. Depending on the severity of the removal process a charge will be levied.

Do I have to cover my windows only with a dark film to control the heat?

No. Our Blu65 clear film can be as effective because it reduces over 60% of heat and 99% of UV rays whilst permitting clear visibility inside out at all times.

Will tint damage my rear defrost?

No, your rear defroster is safe and fine in the hands of our professional team of installers.

How long must I wait to roll down shutters after tint installation?

We suggest keeping your windows up for about 3-4 days until the film cures.

I just got my windows tinted, they look hazy, why?

Every vehicles just after tint application leaves the tint shop looks like this. When applying our film we use water. This water gets trapped between the film and the glass and looks streaky. This is normal and usually goes away in about 3-5 days. To speed up the drying process park the vehicle in the sun, so the water can evaporate fast.

Is your window film scratch proof?

No, no window film is scratch proof.  The key word is “resistant”, this does not mean scratch PROOF. Our window film is protected by a scratch – resistant coating that can withstand everyday uses. Just use care when loading and unloading things that have sharp edges. Use caution when taking off your seat belts and jewelry, these are common items that can scratch and damage your window film. When cleaning tinted glasses you should take proper care by using mild glass cleaning solution and micro fiber cloths but not harsh chemical or brushes. These issues are not covered in the warranty.

What are the regulations related to the application of vehicle window tint in Sri Lanka?

Using window tint is legally permitted on the rear window glasses of the vehicle. The front windscreen or front door windows cannot be covered with tint that prevents the identification of the driver and any occupant in the front seats. However a clear solar film that permit clear visibility will not be a problem.

Is your tint warranted?

Yes, NDFOS window tint is warranted for 15 years for all its performance from the date of installation.

Are you installing window films on building windows as well?

Yes, our subsidiary company GlassGard (Pvt) Ltd; www.glassgard.lk offer all kind of window films specialized for commercial and residential window glasses.

Can I buy your window films if I want to install by myself?

Yes, please visit our online store www.detailstore.lk or contact our office for your purchase requirement.