SuperDetail is the flagship detail service in our product portfolio and is popular among car enthusiasts & regular drivers alike. It not surprising why SuperDetail is so popular; just imagine having a brand new looking car inside out, yet not spending as much.

SuperDetail includes all features provided in our Interior Detail and Exterior Detail packages with several more value additions like Germ Gard – interior sanitizing and Engine Detailing. It certainly the most comprehensive ‘revitalizing-freshness’ package around.

Our highly trained professional detail technicians will meticulously restore and rejuvenate the total interior and exterior of your car, bringing it back to its original look and condition, maybe even better than the initial showroom look!

SuperDetail cannot be equaled to to any other detailing service in the local auto appearance market. Our 130 points Pre-Delivery Inspection is one of its kind; it ensures inch-by-inch care to detail, delivering a flawless finish to your car in keeping with KleenPark excellent quality standards.

Drive in with your old car drive out in a new!


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